My life in 北京

This week in Beijing has been quite eventful! With my health slowly, but surely, improving, I’ve been able to balance my studies and sightseeing a bit better. Luckily, the pollution levels have been much lower this week so I don’t sound like I’m dying every time I step outside haha! Culture: This week I have […]

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My first week in Beijing (北京) has been quite the adventure! Between the people, the food, the language, and, most importantly, the pollution, it has been a lot to take in! But I’ve settled into my apartment quite well. My apartment is located in an apartment complex about 30 mins from school. While it is […]

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And the journey begins . . .

For those of you who don’t know, I have chosen to take a leave of absence from Occidental College for this semester. Rather than enroll in the traditional study abroad programs offered by the school, I have designed my own “program” that is unique and caters to all my desires. Over the next six months I […]

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